Workshop and Courses

TrainingThe entire set of results obtained in PERPETUATE project will be usable at several levels by different user groups such as conservation officers employed in public institutions, engineers and architects involved in the design of strengthening interventions and enterprises working in the field of restoration. To this aim, a part of the dissemination will be devoted to the organization of seminar and courses addressed to these end-users. In particular:

  • SEMINARS: specifically oriented to the education of the public officers and to the exploitation of the Guidelines within the administrations are planned. Particular attention will be paid to the mitigation strategies at a territorial scale (definition of priorities of interventions and criteria for the budget optimization).
  • TRAINIG WORKSHOPS: specifically orientated to the education of the SMEs and designers.Particular attention will be paid to the dissemination of the results related to the diagnostic techniques, intervention techniques and strategies of modelling

The following table summarizes current and future planned actions.

SEMINARS:meetings with local public officers in the selected sites of study June 2011 RHODES PERPETUATE Rhodes Seminar 2011 (745)
 WORKSHOP with architects and end-users October 2012 LJUBLJANA  Ljubljana PERPETUATE Workshop (689)
TRAINING WORKSHOPS:Training course packages November 2013 ALGIERSL’AQUILA