SAHC logoPERPETUATE will participate to SAHC 2012, 8th International Conference on Structural
Analysis of Historical Constructions, that will be held in Wroclaw (Poland) October 15-17.

On October 16, from 9 to 13, in room D A special session will be organised together with NIKER project:


where all work related to both projects will be presented.

Moreover, a common joint paper article will be presented on the development of both project:

Modena C., Lagomarsino S., da Porto F., Cattari S. Earthquake protection of masonry historical constructions: overview of results from Niker and Perpetuate European Projects.

Here you can download the full program of the Conference:

SAHC 2012 PROGRAMME (2953)


Centennial Hall - Wroclaw - Poland

Centennial Hall – Wroclaw – Poland

NIKER and PERPETUATE are European FP7 Research Projects centered to earthquake protection of cultural heritage in European and Mediterranean countries, coordinated by Prof. Claudio Modena and Prof. Sergio Lagomarsino, respectively. Started both in 2010, NIKER and PERPETUATE projects aggregate 28 institutions and hundreds of researchers dealing with laboratory and in-situ experimental tests, numerical modeling, monitoring and applications to relevant case studies.

This special session would like to promote a discussion on some topics related to the seismic assessment of cultural heritage, which still represent open issues (i.e. definition of limit states, suitable modeling strategies, development of new integrated materials, technologies and tools for the seismic strengthening of historical buildings etc.).

At the Conference PERPETUATE Staff will present a lot of articles referred to the Project, underlying once again the great importance this project has in terms of research and dissemination.

In particular:

Cattari S., Lagomarsino S., Performance-Based Approach to Earthquake Protection of Masonry Cultural Heritage

Calderini C., Degli Abbati S., Lagomarsino S., Ginanni Corradini R., Piovanello V., Interaction Between Structural Cracks And Plaster Damage: An Experimental Campaign On Masonry Panels

De Canio G., Clemente P., Mongelli M., Roselli I., Rinaldis D., Saitta F., Lagomarsino S., Rossi M., Performance based assessment of the Obelisco Lateranense in Rome

Novelli V. I., D’Ayala D., Seismic vulnerability assessment of the Casbah in Algiers

Podestà S., Romano C., Structural pre-analysis for cultural heritage knowledge planning

M. Uranjek, R. Žarnić, V., Bokan-Bosiljkov, V., Bosiljkov, Performance Of Ndt, Mdt And Dt Techniques In Assessing The Effectiveness Of Grouting

D. Benouar, A. Foufa, Earthquake-resistant traditional measures to protect the Casbah of Algiers (Algeria)

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