All technical documents are now available and can be downloaded from the posts at page Documents/Technical Reports

PERPETUATE Guidelines (2450) have been updated and are going to be published on a Special Issue of the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering:

Lagomarsino S, Cattari S (2014) PERPETUATE guidelines for seismic performance-based assessment of cultural heritage masonry structures, Bull Earthquake Eng, PERPETUATE Special Issue (in press)

All technical documents (Deliverables) produced by the project are listed in the following:

Deliverable D4, “Classification of the cultural heritage assets and description of the limit states and identification of damage measures”,  2010 (

Deliverable D5, “Abacus of the most common seismic damage”, 2010 (

Deliverable D6, “Review of innovative techniques for the knowledge of cultural assets (geometry, technologies, decay,..)”, 2010 (

Deliverable D7, “Review of existing models for global response and local mechanisms”, 2010 (

Deliverable D8, “Review and validation of existing vulnerability displacement-based models”, 2010 (

Deliverable D10, “Characterization of the seismic hazard scenario for historical buildings”, 2010 (

Deliverable D11, “Report on permanent displacement analysis of the building through remote sensing techniques”, 2011 (

Deliverable D12, “Results of experimental test on damage measures and reference values to be considered”, 2011 (

Deliverable D13, “Definition of demand spectra and other intensity measures for different soil categories and site condition”, 2011 (

Deliverable D14, “Report on the SFI effects for ground shaking”, 2011 (

Deliverable D15, “Results of laboratory and in-situ tests on masonry properties and table with mechanical parameters to be adopted in numerical modeling”, 2012 (

Deliverable D16, “Report on microtremor measurement for structural identification”, 2011 (

Deliverable D17, “Correlation of limit states and damage levels for types of buildings”, 2012 (

Deliverable D18, “Results of in-situ microtremors surveys and array measurements at selected sites”, 2011 (

Deliverable D21, “Report on the SFSI, foundation performance and vulnerability assessment for permanent ground displacement”, 2011 (

Deliverable D22, “Definition of confidence factors for the safety verification”, 2012 (

Deliverable D23, “Proposal of modelling strategies for artistic assets”, 2012 (

Deliverable D24, “Report on vector-valued characterisation of seismic hazard with respect to strong-motion parameters”, 2011 (

Deliverable D25, “Report on the development of the simplified soil-foundation model”, 2011 (

Deliverable D26, “Modelling strategies for seismic global response of building and local mechanisms”, 2012 (

Deliverable D27, “Formulation of vulnerability models including the survey form to collect the data required by the adopted models”, 2012 (

Deliverable D28, “Intermediate report on the application of the proposed methodology to the case studies selected”, 2011 (

Deliverable D29, “MB_PERPETUATE – A Macro-Block program for the seismic assessment (Freeware software for the safety verification of seismic local mechanisms)”, 2012 (

Deliverable D30, “Freeware software with the implementation of the vulnerability models”, 2012 (

Deliverable D33, “Results of the shaking table and imposed displacements tests”, 2012 (

Deliverable D34, “Results of experimental tests on strengthening techniques and guidelines for the design”, 2012 (

Deliverable D35, “Definition of seismic safety verification procedures for historical buildings”, 2012 (

Deliverable D36, “Definition of modelling and seismic safety verification procedures for artistic assets”, 2012

Deliverable D40, “Final report on the application of the proposed methodology to the case studies selected”, 2012 (