Advisory Board

Mourad Bouteflika, Directorate of Patrimony at the Ministry of Culture (Algeria)

Roberto Cecchi, Head of a Department in the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (Italy)

Kristian Engberg, Maxit-Group (Sweden)

Vasco Fassina, President of European Committee TC 346 (Italy)

A.C.M.H. Gabor Mester de Parajd, Head of the Department of Historical Monuments (France)

Michele Iorio, Governor of the Molise Region, Italian MP (Italy)

Ingval Maxwell, Historic Scotland Conservation centre (U.K.)

Jelka Pirkovic, Director of Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage (Slovenia)

Alaaeldin Shaheen, Dean of Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University (Egypt)

Theodosios Tassios, University of Athens (Greece)